about Jubilee Conference

Our mission is to unite churches,  non-profits,  and government agencies to strategically meet the needs of the poor in Jackson.

In 1982 the "Jubilee Conference" was hosted at Belhaven University in what was a highly successful first year. Unfortunately, this success meant that the event moved to another city – Chicago. Today, this annual gathering boasts thousands of practitioners that are impacting the poor in their communities in Jesus' name. This conference, born in Jackson, MS, became the organization now known as The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).  So what about Jackson?

We believe it's time to start our own movement of churches that are strategically engaged in God's heart for the poor in this city. We believe that the best solutions for holistic change are done together.  

In 2015 the Jubilee conference was re-born and focused on celebrating the incredible work happening throughout Jackson and giving tools to every-day people to become better engaged in these current successes. Now, we aim to take the next step.




utilizing and developing partnerships

Many times it can be tempting to work by ourselves, or stick with the relationships we already have. However, this is often not the most effective strategy for affecting change. As a result, each of the workshops offered during the conference will focus specifically on the needs of the target population and how to best attain beneficial outcomes. Whether you represent your church, organization, or are just an everyday person you will gain the knowledge and tools to take make an impact in ways that most affect outcomes. Often, this will mean that a workshop is co-led by 2 or more organizations in any one field. 

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things.
— Mother Teresa

are you interested in working with other organizations in your field to lead a workshop?


Topics to be covered:

  1. domestic Violence

  2. Components of Christian Community Development

  3. Homelessness

  4. Mental Health

  5. Drug Crisis and Addiction Recovery

  6. Mass Incarceration and Localized Crime

  7. Child & Family Services

  8. Immigration

  9. Educating in a Modern World

  10. Engaging with our JPS: For Parents

  11. Engaging with our JPS: For organizations

  12. Adapting to Neighborhood Change

  13. Economic Development and Housing

  14. health




we know that we can only do this together

  • Belhaven Institute of International Care and Counsel
  • Common Ground Covenant Church
  • Crossgates Church
  • Dr. Dolphus Weary // President REAL Christian Foundation
  • Families First for Mississippi
  • Matt McGue // One Church
  • Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services
  • Neddie Winters // President Mission Mississippi
  • Phil Reed // President Voice of Calvary Ministries
  • Redeemer Church PCA
  • Bishop Ronnie Crudup Sr. // Senior Pastor New Horizon Church International
  • SunnyBrook Children's Home, Inc
  • Bishop Thomas Jenkins // Senior Pastor New Dimensions Church
  • United Way

are you or your organization interested in helping to make the jubilee conference the best it can be?

Our planning task force meets regularly, and we welcome all who are excited about how we can create synergy in the efforts around our city to empower the poor.