a bridge to recovery

361 Towne Center Blvd. Suite 1300 Ridgeland, MS 39157
Hours: M - F 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Phone: 601-977-9353
Mission: A Bridge To Recovery is an outpatient treatment center that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, sexual addiction, and chemical dependency.


  • Intensive outpatient therapy for addictions


  • Everyone coming to A Bridge to Recovery is screened by professional staff to determine their appropriateness for treatment.


act center

Jackson Medical Mall, Suite 611 350 West Woodrow Wilson Avenue Jackson MS 39213

  • Bus #5

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am- 5pm, Friday 7:30am- 4pm                                                                      Phone: 601-815-1180 
Mission: To improve the health of Mississippians by reducing tobacco use through treatment, education and research.


  • Tobacco treatment and medications

  • Education, training for healthcare professionals and research


  • Length of services: The patient is scheduled for treatment sessions once a week for 6 weeks, and is expected to be present at each session to receive counseling and medications. If a session will be missed, we ask that the patient call to reschedule before the next appointment. Finally, we will follow-up with the patient for 1 year.

*Call office or patients may also contact the Mississippi Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT NOW


500 E. Woodrow Wilson Dr. Suite D Jackson, MS 39216

  • Bus # 1

Hours: Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., Holidays: 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Phone: 601-362-3131 
Mission: We are a group of dedicated and caring people who form a unique and special company with a unique and special mission. Alternatives for Life Treatment and Recovery exists to insure that all human beings have the chance to realize their fullest potential no matter what obstacles, no matter what challenge. We care. We serve. With compassion, with skill, with effectiveness, with results, and with respect.


Medical supervision for opiate replacement, health screening, health referral, social services referral, nurse assessment, counseling, educational and therapeutic groups, random urine drug screens, baseline lab work, routine doctor visits during stabilization period and annually thereafter or as medically necessary. Call agency, new intakes are on Monday.


  • Age Requirements: 18 or older

  • Possess a valid Mississippi I.D. or driver’s license

  • Have at least a one year history of opioid dependency*

  • Presence of opiate withdrawal symptoms at time of intake. Except for pregnant women.

  • Positive urine drug screen for opiates at time of intake

  • Payment for services (affordable but no insurance is accepted)

    * The one year history is established by obtaining (if available) prior treatment records with a primary diagnosis of opioid dependency , pharmacy records for opiates (if available) dating back one year, and a clinical interview conducted with the prospective patients' significant other or family member.

buried treasure inc.

P.O. Box 720672 Byram, MS 39272
Hours: 24/7 hours Phone: 601-371-9835
Mission: To provide a safe and realistic environment where a women’s Christian faith can grow and she can learn to live free and productively.


  • 12 Step faith-based residential recovery program for women in three segments that can include a college education.

  • Christ Centered Residential Recovery ministry

  • Transitions from prison or addictions

  • Transformation of mind, body, spirit

  • Learning to trust others

  • Skills classes

  • Closed celebrate recovery group

  • Length of services:

    • Transition- First 30 days is transition

    • Transformation- 90 day commitment

    • Can stay up to a year in the last segment. Either working or in school at that point.

    • Ends with a graduation.


  • Residency Requirements:

    • Cannot take ladies on psychotropic medication

    • No smoking (Help available to get off)

  • Age Requirements: Over 21

  • Fill out application on website

  • Application must be approved and they must have availability

  • Prefer 30 days clean

The Ranch Mississippi

3949 Highway 43 North Brandon, MS 39047
Hours: 24 hours a day for admission, 8-4:30pm for business office
Phone: 800-446-9727 
Mission: The Ranch Mississippi helps patients and their families overcome the life-crippling effects of alcoholism and drug addiction by providing a multidisciplinary, medically guided approach that heals the person, not just the problem.


  • Alcohol and drug program

  • Family program for families with a member struggling with addictions

  • Specialized programs


  • Residency requirements: Must be able to afford treatment and follow guidelines.

  • Age requirements: 18+

  • Length of services: 5 days of evaluation, 120 day treatment

  • Fill out an admissions form online at their website or call

friends of alcoholics

1298 F O A Rd Jackson, MS 39209
Phone: 601-362-4275
Mission: Friends of Alcoholics has a desire to minister to men who are in bondage to sin, specifically alcohol and drug addiction.


  • Substance abuse treatment

  • Halfway house

  • Sober living home


  • Length of services: More than 30 days

gateway rescue mission

328 South Gallatin Street P.O. Box 3763 Jackson, MS  39207
Phone: 601-353-5864   
Mission: Gateway Rescue Mission exists to offer life changing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to homeless men, women, and children through programs to deliver food, shelter, counseling and discipleship.


  • Meals: The “Gateway Café” serves three meals per day. Lunch meals include serving the general homeless population and anyone who´s hungry.

  • Women: Ruth’s Refuge is Gateway’s transitional home for women who need a place to heal spiritually and emotionally while getting back on their feet.

  • Men: New Life Program offers hope through Jesus Christ to men seeking long term help in their fight with drug addiction, alcoholism or similar areas of struggle.  They offer two options

    • 6 month program

    • 1 year program (recommended for hardcore addicts)

    • Emergency Shelter

    • Life Skill Classes


  • Residency requirements: Must follow guidelines and be referred to the shelter.

  • Age requirements: 21 years or older

  • Length of services:

    • Emergency shelter: 15 nights per month

    • New Life Program: 6 months or 1 year

    • Ruth’s Refuge: 60 days or emergency stay up to 30 days or transitional housing for women with jobs for up to nine months

    • Emergency shelter: Men are allowed 15 nights per month in the shelter. Women and men: Must be referred to shelter

*Call the main office or email

innovative behavioral services

Community Learning Center
6124 Brown Street Jackson, MS 39213

  • Bus #5

Innovative Behavioral Services
357 Towne Center Blvd. Ridgeland, MS 39157
Hours: Mon – Fri  8:00am-5:00pm Phone: 601-952-0894
Mission: The mission of Innovative Behavioral Services, Inc. is to deliver comprehensive services to children, families, communities, health/human service provider organizations and educational entities, through services and activities that promote healthy choices/lifestyles and educational and cultural enrichment for children and families.


  • Afterschool Enrichment Program

  • Tutoring

  • DUI Diagnostic Assessment

  • Adult/Adolescent Outpatient Services

  • Marriage Therapy

  • Mentoring

  • Counseling

  • School Violence Prevention

  • Cultural Diversity Training

  • Job Readiness Training

  • Payroll/Tax Accounting

  • Fiscal Management


  • Sliding scale fees based on income:

  • Minimum of $10 charge

  • No reports will be released until the balance is paid in full.

  • Payment is due when services are rendered.


My Father’s House of Freedom

826 North West Street Jackson, MS 39236

  • Bus #6/3

Phone: 601-354-0950 
Mission: Transforming lives… One step at a time through forgiveness, healing & restoration


  • Shelter

  • Employment help

  • Bible Studies

  • Personal development classes

  • Accountability group sessions

  • Family Mediation

  • Job skill development and placement

  • Conflict Resolution


  • Residency requirements:

    • Minimum commitment of 6 months

    • Admittance fee

    • Application

    • Weekly fee

    • Required to attend AA/NA meetings

    • Mandatory meetings and programs

  • Length of services: Minimum commitment of 6 months

  • Due to the missional focus on men, this program only accepts male applicants

  • Must be a resident of the program

Wingard Home Ministry

1279 North West Street Jackson, MS 39202

  • Bus #6/3

Intake Hours:  9am-5pm  Phone: 601-906-1976  
Mission: Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ using our position as home missionaries ministering to the needs of the homeless and needy.


  • Three Christian Group Homes

  • Housing for fathers w/children, mothers w/older male children, married couples (with or without children), as well as battered women, run-aways, pregnant teens, & victims of human trafficking.

  • Alcohol & drug program (Biblical Based)

  • Storehouse: where we give donated items to homeless and needy families

  • Christmas program that targets hundreds of needy children & their families in the area, as well as providing family Christmas for all the homeless folks at Wingard Home

  • Volunteer program that allows college and high school students to obtain community service hours

  • When someone works our program and successfully graduates, we help them set-up housekeeping. We give them all the supplies, furniture, appliances, and linens they need to begin independent living!


  • Residency Requirements:

    • Everyone who enters our program must be able and willing to work a job. They must be willing to go by the rules. This program is designed for successful re-entry into society as law-abiding, voting, tax-paying, God-fearing, Church-going citizens who are armed with all the tools for continued success.

  • Length of services: Residents may remain in our home until they are emotionally and financially stable and ready for independent living.

  • Services available to any who are able and willing to seek and maintain employment, follow a few simple housing rules, show a willingness to budget, save money and work toward financial stability and independence.


alcoholics anonymous (aa)

4526 Office Park Dr. Ste. 3 Jackson, MS 39206

  • Bus #1

Hours: Tues-Sat, 10:30am-6:30pm and phone line answered 24/7
Phone: 601-982-0081
Mission: Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.


  • Support group for overcoming addiction


  • Its members ought to be men and women who suffer from alcoholism

  • Its meetings should be open to all alcoholics

  • As a group, it should have no other affiliation

alcohol services center

950 North West Street Jackson, MS 39202

  • Bus #6/3

Hours: Monday 8am-8pm, Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm
Phone: 601-948-6220  
Mission: To provide in-depth individualized, supportive, and spiritual, substance abuse/behavioral/mental health services with compassion and empathy to ALL.


  • Counseling for ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs)

  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy

  • Counseling by Court Order for substance abuse offenders

  • DUI Assessment & Evaluation

  • SAP Assessment & Treatment

  • Prevention, consultation and education referral

  • Drug Court Diversionary Program

  • Impaired Driving Outreach Program

  • Literature Available


  • Fees based on a Sliding Fee Scale

  • Cost Range $10 to $50 per session


at his feet ministry

P.O Box 16355 Jackson, MS 39236
5746 Ridgewood Rd Jackson, MS 39211

  • Bus #12

Phone:  601-487-8383
Mission: Spreading the love of Jesus Christ so that some may be saved, one soul at a time.....Serving the homeless, substance abused, ex-offender, broken, hurting, lost, helpless and hopeless to live and live more abundantly.


  • Life skills

  • Job readiness training

  • Counseling

  • Recovery Support

  • GED/Education

  • Mentoring

  • Housing

  • Family Reintegration

  • Assistance finding employment and permanent housing


billy brumfield shetler

1224 S. Gallatin Street P.O. Box 23852 Jackson, MS 39225

  • Bus #7 (Raymond Rd)

Hours: 5:30pm-6am, may call 24/7 Phone: 601-948-2864 
Mission: To provide meals, shelter and other services to homeless and abused individuals.


The Billy Brumfield Shelter, a shelter for up to 34 men a night, provides three services.

  • It serves as an emergency shelter for homeless men, offering safe shelter, clean showers, nutritious food, and a supportive community.

  • It also offers a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, supported by AA meetings, group and individual counseling, employment requirements, and a savings program.


  • Age requirement: 18 years old and older

  • Must bring picture ID, Social Security Card, and TB card

  • Length of services: 4 days per week for emergency shelter (starts over each Sunday); minimum of 3 month stay for rehab and disabled program participants

center for independent learning (the friendship connection)

1480 Raymond Rd Jackson, Mississippi 39204

  • Bus # 7 (Raymond Rd)

Hours: 24/7 Phone: 601-373-1533


  • Residential short term treatment for substance abuse

  • Residential long-term treatment for substance abuse

  • This facility also includes special programs focused for pregnant / postpartum women, women, DUI / DWI offenders, and criminal justice clients


  • Residency requirements:

    • Program is available to women with drug court, legal issues, incarcerated, court ordered, etc.

    • All who seek services are pre-screened and taken to staffing if beds are available.

    • Pregnant women are given priority or referred to a place that can help if beds are unavailable.

  • Age requirements: 18+

  • Length of services: Short term is 30 days. Long term is 75- 105 days

  • Sliding scale fees

Daylight Ministries Transitional Home for Women

PO Box 325 Tougaloo MS  39174

  • Bus #12

Hours: 24/7 Phone: 601-454-3843
Mission: The purpose of this program is to promote and support maximum independence and self-esteem of former female offenders, as well as equip and assist them in becoming productive citizens.


  • Transitional home for women ex-prisoners and those recovering from substance abuse. They offer safe, secure transitional housing to this homeless population, providing daily counseling in spiritual and life skills, self-esteem, job skills and maximum independence.


  • Residency requirements:

    • Must attend weekly support group meetings

    • Must adhere to all of the house rules and chore

  • Length of services: 6 month, minimum of 90 days

  • Those with addictions must have completed a 12-step program

  • Homeless

  • Must not be a serious/violent offender

  • Do not accept mentally challenged

Harbor house

5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East Jackson, Mississippi 39272
Hours: 9am-5pm Phone: 601-371-7335  
Mission: To offer a continuum of high quality, affordable and effective chemical dependency treatment services and programs for adults and their families, including those who cannot afford private treatment facilities.


  • Primary and secondary Care Residential Program for overcoming addictive behaviors and lifestyles

  • Extended Transitional Program

  • Family program: provide families and friends with information and education that allows them to understand the disease of addiction and what they can do to begin the process of recovery

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Diagnostic Assessment Services

  • Aftercare program: ongoing peer-focused sobriety-oriented support for clients who want it.

  • Provides routine on-site physician and nursing services


  • Residency requirements: Must have an addiction or dependency issue and must follow the rules of the program

  • Age requirements: Must be 18 years old or older

  • Length of services:

    • The first phase is referred to as the Primary Care Treatment Program and it usually lasts for 42 days.

    • The second phase, referred to as the Transitional Care Treatment Program, lasts from 60 to 90 days.

    • Phases One and Two are available to both men and women. The actual length of stay may vary as it is based on each clients’ needs and on their individual clinical progress.

    • The men and women have separate Aftercare programs; individuals can begin to attend Aftercare about two weeks before they complete Phase One.

  • DUI program: This program is for individuals who have been convicted of two or more DUI violations and have had their driver’s license suspended

  • Family program: open to all interested parties

*Email Trost Friedler at or call us at 601-371-7335

McCoy House for Sober Living

P.O. Box 231 Ridgeland, MS 39158-0231
Phone: (601) 946-0578
Mission: Our Mission is to offer a safe and healthy environment for women who are willing to go the extra mile to achieve sobriety and learn how to live, laugh and love again.


  • Transitional living facility for women who have successfully completed an inpatient treatment program for addiction who need time in a structured and safe environment before integrating back into society.


  • Upon acceptance, a $500 non-refundable registration fee is required. A 90-day commitment is expected at a rate of $1,200 per month. Insurance does not cover this residential fee.

  • The requirements of living at The McCoy House are:

    • Maintain sobriety

    • Rent accountability

    • Attend 12-step meetings

    • Attend weekly house meetings

    • Submit to random drug tests

    • Abide by household guidelines

    • Sign a contract

    • While living at The McCoy House, residents are required to have job, be in school or volunteer.

  • All prospective residents must successfully complete inpatient treatment and transfer door-to-door, from treatment to the The McCoy House directly. Prospective residents are interviewed to determine appropriateness, investment in recovery and willingness to change. 

  • The referring treatment center will be involved in the continuing care plan, providing all necessary history and progress in treatment. Participation in an intensive outpatient program in the area is a requirement for the residents and is usually coordinated by the referring facility as part of a continuing care plan.

*email for more information.

Phone: 1-888-9799592
Mission: to connect individuals with quality addiction treatment and care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. provides people suffering from addiction, as well as their loved ones, with relevant resources, helpful information, and a network of support.


  • Call the national help line (above) or fill out the form on to be connected with a treatment specialist at our admissions center. The specialist will then listen, determine individual needs, and help arrange the best treatment for the person.

Teen Challenge- Home of Hope

PO Box 5192, Brandon, MS 39047
Phone: 601-622-3181 
Mission: This faith-based residential program assists individuals in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and the life-controlling problems associated with it.


  • Residential drug treatment program. Residents participate in spiritual growth activities, individual counseling, and choir.


  • Due to the missional focus on women, this program only accepts female applicants.

  • Age requirements: Women 18 and up

  • Length of services: 13 months