RESOURCE GUIDE BETA – An introduction

This is a Crowd-Sourced Online Resource guide – This means that we depend on local organizations and people like you to submit changes and updates to this information. Since this is a web-based tool, it can be constantly updated to reflect the most-recent changes in services throughout the city.

We are constantly adding features to make this a more helpful tool and it's all based on your feedback.

What you need to know:

  1. This guide is still in its "beta" form, and we NEED YOU to make this work:
    1. See an error? Click to update it!
    2. Notice something is missing? Please click to submit a new organization
  2. Current features:
    1. Organizational listing by broad category along with basic info, service, and requirements
    2. Search function: the 'search' top of the site gets you to the resource "page," then use your browser's built in search (Mac: cmd + f  // Windows: ctrl + f)  to find what you're looking for on a specific page
    3. Fully Printable Pages: Just click print from your browser, and it will automatically format for your printer.
  3. Coming soon:
    1. More resources: Since the launch, we've been flooded with updates and new services to add. Please be patient as we get all of these up and running.
    2. More Categories: Before March, there will be at least 2 new listed categories
    3. "How-to" resources
      1. hese will provide you with basic steps to effectively serve people who are affected by the listed areas of need. 
    4. Better Organization: We are currently a small team, and this is not our only project. If you would like to provide investment or become a partner we will be able to integrate advanced features that make this tool even more dynamic.